Intuitive software for humans like you.

Our mission is to develop intuitive software for humans. We believe that software does good in the world when it does good for you.
refers to clarity, knowledge, and intuition that good technology has the power to bring out in us.
is what we are about. Designing, writing, and testing light code is our contribution to the world.
are where we do our best work. By our very nature, we're experimenters of the cutting-edge.

The Light Code Labs Team

Cory Cooper, co-founder Cory Cooper

Cory is a Computer Engineer at BYU. He recently got into web development and is loving it. Cory wants technology to be more intuitive for people to use, which is why he co-founded Light Code Labs.


Matt Holt, co-founder Matt Holt

Matt is the author of the Caddy web server and Papa Parse. A stable boy from Iowa, he has been writing code with his bare hands for more than 16 years now, and believes the only good Web is a secure one.


HTTPS Padlock

We Develop Caddy

Caddy is an open source, easy-to-use HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS. In its first year, Caddy garnered 6,000 stars and over 70 contributors on GitHub. It now has over one million downloads and serves millions of clients daily.

Site owners use Caddy because their sites are served over HTTPS by default. Caddy obtains and renews TLS certificates for you, and it's entirely free thanks to Let's Encrypt.

We believe Caddy to be an important bridge between security and usability. Finally, any site owner without extra technical expertise can serve their site with confidence.

We'd like to talk to you about HTTPS.
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